Replacement program

APPLiA Hungary, as a professional partner, supported the implementation of the Replacement of Large Household Appliances Subprogram (“Háztartási Nagygépek Cseréje Alprogram”) of Warm Home Program (“Otthon Melege Program”) organized by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology between 2014 and 2020.


APPLiA Hungary contributed to the success of the program with the following elements

Carbon dioxide studies

In our studies, we demonstrate from time to time how old the appliances in domestic households are, and how much reduction in carbon dioxide emissions could be achieved by replacing appliances older than 8 years.

Information website

We created an informational website called (replacement program), where all useful information related to the current tender was available.

Energy calculators

We created energy calculators for both the replacement of refrigerators and freezers, as well as for the replacement of washing machines, with which the amount of savings that can be achieved by replacement could be calculated on the tender portal.


Contribution to the rejuvenation of household appliances

In the course of the five replacement programs, 270,000 large domestic appliances (refrigerators, freezers, washing machines) were replaced.

The carbon dioxide emission has decreased

The five replacement programs contributed to the fact that after 2014, the number of old, energy-consuming appliances in households began to decrease, thus reducing the carbon footprint of households.

The aging process has come to a standstill

Owing to the replacement programs, the aging of domestic appliances has stopped, in fact, the process seems to be reversing, albeit slowly.