APPLiA Hungary Society is a professional association of domestic electronic appliance manufacturers.



We have chosen the interest grouping as the organizational form of our operation. Although under the law, the interest grouping is considered a business association, in practice, we actually operate in the same non-profit way as an n practice we operate in the same way as a nonprofit organization. This means that our costs are financed from members’ annual membership fees and we can and do carry out business activities only and exclusively as a secondary activity, complementary to the primary purpose of the organization, namely professional representation.

If at the end of the year there is a small reserve from annual membership fees or other revenues, it will relieve the burden of the next year’s budget, so it is not shared among the members, but will fund our next year’s costs.

Our activities

Throughout the year, we deal with many professional areas and participate in many programs. Detailed descriptions of each of these can be found in separate menu items here on our website, here we only list the most important ones as a summary.


Attention is paid to a professionally complex presentation of the given topic. This means that when we take a look around a topic, our aim is to share as much professional information as possible with the reader, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages where appropriate. We never try to persuade the reader to choose one particular solution or another, we simply want to provide the most useful knowledge base possible to help them make a decision.

The professional articles are prepared in consultation with and approved by the competent expert colleagues.

If professional materials are used in the writing of an article or study, they will be displayed as Bibliography used at the end of the article/study.

Competitive neutrality

Competitive neutrality is a key principle of the operation of the APPLiA Hungary Society. Therefore, the organization does not represent a brand preference, a proposal for specific purchasing decisions, even indirectly. This principle is also a guarantee that we do not wish to influence the Reader’s choices in any way, either in relation to brands or to competing technologies on the market.