Let’s live smarter.

Our household appliances make our lives easier. What can we do to prevent them from breaking down? We are looking for answers to this question in our 2022 campaign.


What do you do to ensure that your washing machine and cooker do not break down?

Our colleague, service manager Tamás Madarász, the author of our book “Professional training for household appliance technicians”, thought he would like to write a similar book for households as well. He considers it important that we can really prevent errors if, on the one hand, we understand how our appliances work in our household system, and on the other hand, we ourselves do what we can: for example, we maintain our machines regularly.

Components of the program

Radio interviews

Radio During 2022, Tamás Madarász and Fanni Mészáros are monthly guests on Trend FM’s program Monitor Afternoon with András Érczfalvi. Every month, one of our household appliances comes under the spotlight. The interviews can be heard on YouTube.


The book, which we hope will provide useful advice to inquiring and conscious households, is currently in the making. It will surely have some kind of online version as well …

Animated short films

Five animated short films are currently in the pipeline. We will cover refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and hobs, as well as air conditioners.

Radio interviews