The summer session of APPLiA Europe



This year Istanbul hosted the summer session of the industry between 5 – 7 June. Fanni Mészáros Director General represented APPLiA Hungary.

The National Association Committe meeting

The National Associations Committee meeting was held in Istanbul on June 5th, chaired by Fanni Mészáros, Director General of APPLiA Hungary. The first half of the meeting focused on the main challenges facing the industry. After discussing the envisaged changes on regulations concerning ecodesign, packaging, waste related to wrapping, and fluorinated refrigerants, the colleagues shared experiences on projects and programmes in the different EU Member States. The state-subsidised replacement programme in Greece was brought up for discussion, as well as state aid for appliance repairs in Austria and France. Fanni Mészáros informed colleagues about the ongoing questionnaire on the circular economy.

The General Assembly

At the Annual General Assembly in Istanbul, Paolo Falcioni, Executive Director of APPLiA Europe, asked Fanni Mészáros, chairperson of the Committee of National Associations, about the areas of success and progress in the three years of his presidency. Fanni Mészáros pointed out that one of the biggest achievements was sharing the APPLiA Hungary training manual with APPLiA Europe and other national associations. She was particularly pleased that this multi-year project could be realised under her presidency. She added that the forthcoming Right to Repair Directive, under the auspices of the Circular Economy Goals, will place even greater emphasis on the importance of appliance repair in the future. To carry out repairs safely, skilled professionals are needed with the right expertise. This book and the resulting online platform ( will help trainee technicians and mechanics to do just that. Now not only in Hungary but also in other Member States.