Manufacturer's responsibility

The manufacturers of the APPLiA Hungary Society contribute to the collection and environmentally friendly processing of electronic waste by the following activities:

  • in fulfilment of their legal obligation, financed and operated the system for the collection and processing of electronic waste until 31 December 2012 through ELECTRO-COORD Hungary Nonprofit Ltd. as the coordinating organization;
  • As of 1 January 2013 (when the legislation changed so that the system for the collection and processing of e-waste is no longer carried out by the producer coordinating organizations, but by the state), the environmental product fee is paid to the state budget for all electronic appliances sold in Hungary. The amount in 2022 is HUF 57 per kg;

By the APPLiA Hungary Society:

  • as a professional partner, it is available to the competent ministries and authorities for the drafting of legislation, for giving opinions on related programs and for providing professional participation in them;
  • APPLiA Hungary Society was a professional partner of the Large Household Appliance Replacement Program in the framework of the Warm Home Program 2014-2020, in the framework of which it operated the web information page;
  • developed, organizes and supports an education program to secure the future of domestic appliance repair;
  • created, operates and updates the web information page, which also contains all up-to-date information on e-waste;
  • created and continues the Cycle Michael program, the “In my opinion” program and the Let’s live smarter. It’s up to us and you, too program for the purposes of eco-responsible information and education; and
  • supports families and institutions in need with its periodic donation program.

This page corresponds to the fulfilment of the obligation to provide information provided for in subparagraphs g) – h) of Article 7 of Government Decree No. 197/2014 (VIII.1.) on waste management activities related to electrical and electronic equipment.