Kékesi Donát az APPLiA Magyarország fotográfusa.

Donát Kékesi

We started working together with photographer Donát Kékesi in 2018, when our name changed from CECED to APPLiA. After photographing the press conference and our short film about the new name, his next assignment at APPLiA was to photograph the pictures of our Let’s refrigerate smarter! calendar of 2019. Since then, we have done a drawing contest award ceremony, two In my opinion calendar photoshoots, and several In my opinion and repairman training short films.

The joint work with him is always efficient and has a very good atmosphere, whether it is photography or filming. The photos, films, and websites he creates for us are professional: they are products that always meet the modern requirements of the era and are delightful to look at.