A surprise on the occasion of the International Repair Day

This year, October 15 was the third Saturday of the month, that is the International Repair Day. On this occasion, APPLiA Europe presented the Repair it right! website named repair-it-right.eu.



How come that this is a special event in the life of APPLiA Hungary? The reason is because the Repair it right! website is the online visualization of the English translation of the technical book created by APPLiA Hungary. The technical book written by our colleague Tamás Madarász, and whose title is Professional training for household appliance technicians has been serving the professional development of future domestic appliance repairmen in our country for several years: it is a textbook for the students of the Household Appliance Technician course developed by APPLiA Hungary, but the technicians of the present are also happy to read it and to update their knowledge. What is more, that this is the second year that Slovak and Czech repairman students have been learning from this book as well.

Through APPLiA Europe sharing knowledge on a wider scale became possible. The community of APPLiA is committed to supporting the goals of the circular economy. Regarding the circular economy, its key player is the repairman, who is professionally well-prepared to service the modern appliances of today. The key to protecting the environment and our health is professional competence. This is also why the European website was named “repair it right”.

In the near future, the website will be available in Hungarian too, which means that the original, Hungarian-language book will also be available in online form.

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