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APPLiA Hungary's present for the Earth Day

APPLiA Hungary has opened the new Cycle Michael website.

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The reveal of APPLiA Hungary was announced on 21 March.

Sweet 14!

APPLiA Hungary celebrates its 14th birthday.

Get to know us

The CECED Hungary Association is a professional association of domestic electronic appliance manufacturers, which now represents 16 companies and more than 25 leading brands of household appliances.



In our CO2-studies, we have been tracking for years how old are and how much energy our large household appliances consume, and how much energy could be saved by replacing old appliances.


Repairmen education

We reply to the need of Hungarian households: a new repairmen education program has been developed in order to tackle the fastly growing challenge of lack of household appliance repairmen.


Awareness raising

In 2006, we launched our environmental program, the Cycle Michael campaign. The popularity of the nice electricity meter grumbling when we waste energy is increasing…